Land and Sea Mechanics! From the Grill to the Prop, We are your one stop shop! For the bravest!
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Land and Sea Mechanics LLC!


We keep your cars and trucks on the road and your boats on the rivers and lakes.

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Cincinnati’s premier repair facility. We keep your cars and trucks on the road

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From small to tall, we can fix them all.

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What We Offer


Competitions are open to all levels and comprise of various categories.

Hotel Rooms

We have comfortable rooms for rest after long fascinating day trip.

1 Day Trips

Multi-day or one day tours are chosen to meet your ability and wishes.

Your Own Course

All of our courses are tailor made to meet our clients’ needs to all levels.

Personal Coach

Our kayaking shcool have personal training options to benefit everyone.

High Results

Get the paddling high results you want with our team of professionals.

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